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Drum and percussion equipment can take quite a beating, especially if used on a regular basis and because of mishandling. If you find that your own best attempts can’t get an instrument to perform properly, bring it in and we’ll have a look. From there we can give you the best advice on whether a malfunctioning piece of equipment is worth repairing or needs to be replaced. This can be especially worthwhile for student drummers who may not have the means to repair their equipment or the money to get a replacement right away.

  • Drill cymbals and install rivets.
  • Drill damaged cymbals to keep a crack from spreading.
    (not a final fix-only temporary)
  • Install mounts and holders on drums.
  • Repair moving parts on pedals.
  • Add new receivers for tension rods to existing lugs or replace stripped tension rods.
  • Re-covering of drum shells-have that marred or worn finish on an older set of drums restored to \”like new\” condition.
  • Other repairs possible- call or come in and ask.