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Books and Videos

Today’s drummers have available more instructional material than ever before. Whether it’s the traditional printed exercise book, videos or interactive instruction manuals on compact disc and DVD, everyone from the beginner to the experienced professional can benefit in some way. Every style of music from nearly every corner of the globe is covered these days, and the Long Island Drum Center keeps a good supply of what’s hot and on hand all the time.

You will find a wide selection of drum set, snare drum and percussion instruction books including Frank Colonnato’s own “Inner Rhythms” studies for Snare Drum (see below).

Two of our instructors, Frank Marino and John Hvasta, have also had instruction books published (see below).

We also have all the latest drum and percussion instruction and performance videos. A great way augment your study regimen or simply enjoy.

Inner Rhythms-Modern Studies for Snare Drum

“Inner Rhythms-Modern Studies for Snare Drum” by Frank Colonnato, presents interesting and challenging etudes for snare drum based on the rhythms of contemporary music, including a variety of time signatures, shifting meters and a full range of dynamics.

These studies will help improve reading skills as well as snare drum technique, and will provide insight to the rhythmic demands of modern music.


“Not only does this book help improve your reading abilities, but the etudes are very musical.”
-Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, Melissa Etheridge, John Fogerty)

“These etudes are terrific! They are challenging to play and musically sound. I’m sure this book will become an important part of the advanced studies repertoire. Bravo!”
-Vic Firth (Boston Symphony Orchestra, New England Conservatory of Music)

“INNER RHYTHMS is a very musical book in the tradition of Albright, Lepak and Cirone, which challenges one’s technique and expands one’s awareness of musicality.”
-Ed Soph (Woody Herman, University of North Texas)

“This is a well thought out series of studies.”
-Roland Kohloff (New York Philharmonic)

“INNER RHYTHMS is balanced and musical, and I find it most complete for the contemporary snare drummer.”
-Justin DiCioccio (Manhattan School of Music)

“This book should be a part of every drummer’s repertoire.”
-Joe Porcaro (L.A. Studios, Los Angeles Music Academy)

“INNER RHYTHMS presents a wealth of challenging material. The author has concentrated on musicality, and the use of phrasing and dynamics is refreshing.”
-Kim Plainfield (Tania Maria, Kevin Eubanks, Drummers Collective)

“Just what I was looking for: musical and challenging pieces for myself and my students.”
-Chuck Silverman (Recording Artist, Teacher, Author)

This book is available through HAL LEONARD PUBLISHING ISBN 0-7935-8697-6

Price: $7.95

Pick up a copy at The Long Island Drum Center of Nyack. You may also send a check for $7.95 plus shipping and handling made out to Long Island Drum Center.


From John Hvasta’s

Having been a performer and educator on the drum set for most of my life, I have encountered problems concerning the education aspect of the instrument.

Working and teaching in the New Jersey/New York Metropolitan area, one never had far to go to get the problem solved. I could study with or observe many players as they came to the area and read any of the educational material available. This was fine for solving most problems concerning certain styles, reading difficulties, counting situations and the music business itself. However, I kept running into a wall concerning movement around the drum set at different tempos, playing different shapes using arm, hand and finger combinations. The ideas and thoughts that follow are some of the methods I’ve developed to play on the drum set.


From Frank Marino’s

Odd time signatures are becoming increasingly more commonplace in contemporary music. Today’s drummer is not only expected to be able to play musically in 3/4, 4/4, and 6/8 time, but also to create interesting patterns in time signatures such as 7/8, 9/8, and 11/8, to name a few. It is important that the drummer not be mechanical in his playing so that the rhythms can flow and sound natural…

…It has become evident that in order for a drummer to have a well rounded musical education, he must be versed in odd time signatures. They are not something that you should practice only when you have some extra time on your hands, but an integral part of the study of drums. Remember, “people tend to be down on what they are not up on.” So, if you have downplayed the importance of studying odd time signatures, it may be that you haven’t yet been exposed to them or realize their value. Hopefully, this book will be a step in the right direction.